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How we organise Learning

When planning learning opportunities for the children, teachers use the Kingsacre Planning Checklist

During the school year, each class's work is planned around a series of topics or units of work, lasting half a term or a full term.  The topics are organised so that all areas of the National Curriculum are included over the year.

At Kingsacre, topics are planned with an emphasis on outdoor learning and making use of the fabulous outdoor areas we have at the school.

Classroom displays focus on aspects of the topic and we try hard to make classroom work interesting and meaningful to children.  Children are also encouraged to bring items from home into school in order to enrich their topic work.  Our aim is for all children will experience memorable learning activities each week of their school life.

As well as work related to the class topic, children also work on subject-specific areas.  In particular there wil be ongoing actrivities in Maths and English such as speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Within the classroom, particularly in the Infants, different activities will often be taking place at the same time.  One group of children may be carrying out a scientific investigation, whilst other groups are writing, doing maths or making a design. 

At other times of the day, all children will be doing a similar activity at the same time, for example in P.E., music or reading.  When a variety of activites are taking place, teachers will normally be working with groups of children or individual children.  Teachers encourage children to work both independently and collaboratively in a group, according to the task in which they are involved.

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