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Mrs Claire Cole, BA(Ed) (HONS), NPQH - Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Matt Connell, BA (Hons), GTP - Deputy Head Teacher and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms Laura Hapgood BEd (Hons) - SENDCo
Mr Paul Harris BA (Hons) PGCE
Mrs Heather Mulford BEd (Hons), BSc
Miss Stephanie Foster BA (Hons)  PGCE
Miss Julie Gordge BA (Hons) , PGCE 
Miss Natalie Hammond BEd (Hons)
Ms Lora Whitting BA (Hons) PGCE 
Mrs Lesley Holman BEd (Hons)
Mr Scott Huxtable BSc (Hons), PGCE


School Administrator and Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Tracy Mustard

Administrative Assistant : Mrs Claire Bone

Data Protection Officer: G.Brock Solutions

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Natalie Duff (HLTA)
Mrs Diane Robb (HLTA)
Mrs Julie Skinner (Assistant SENDCo - Pastoral and Family Support HLTA)
Mrs Sally Avery
Mrs Sandra Grover
Mrs Sue Higgs
Mrs Lynda Keightley
Mrs Julie Palmer
Ms Helen Potter BSc, MSc, PGCE
Mrs Jane O'Sullivan
Mrs Shelly Fox
Mrs Debbie Murrell - Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Alex Baker

Kingsacre Climbers Preschool:

Foundation Stage Leader: Miss Natalie Hammond BEd Hons

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Di Robb

Level 3 Foundation Stage Practioner: Mrs Marie Jenkins
Foundation Stage Worker: Ms Kim Harris 

Preschool Administrator: Mrs Claire Bone

Kitchen Manager: Mrs Angela Wildgoose

Catering Assistants:  Mrs Debbie Wheaton,
Mrs Gemma Comber

Mealtime Assistants:
Mrs Dawn Nottage
Mrs Shelly Fox
Mrs Marie Harts
Miss Mandy O'Brien
Mrs Julie Skinner
Mrs Laiman Tam
Mrs Karen Denham
Mrs Kelly Trigger

Cleaners: Devon Norse

Caretaker: Mr Pete Warman

Cleaners: Ms. Laiman Tam, Dawn Nottage


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