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Kingsacre is a very open school and teachers make themselves available to work closely with parents.

When children first join a new class the teacher will give the children a week or two to settle before inviting parents in for their first formal meeting which is an opportunity to meet, to share observations, for the parent to ask questions and to give a bit more background to the teacher.

There is a formal Home/School Diary which in the early years will be written in daily by teaching staff and parents liaising on what parents can do to support the child’s work and giving feedback from home. By the time children reach Year 3 in Key Stage Two this Home/School Diary becomes more of a weekly Homework Diary but is still an important vehicle for communication.

The next formal contact is the child’s Annual Report which is sent home around the February half-term (mid-year). This reports on your child’s progress in all areas of the curriculum and highlights areas for improvement to reach end of year targets. As part of this reporting process you are encouraged to come to a meeting with teacher, child and parent all present to agree how we can all work together over the rest of the year. Areas for development and ways in which we can help your child are agreed at this meeting.

Then at the end of the school year you will receive a final summary report showing your child’s levels of achievement in comparison with expectation for his or her age group. This report also includes a report on your child’s attendance/absence for the year. At this point there will be another opportunity for you to meet with the teacher.

In addition to these formal links throughout the year teachers will always be happy to make an appointment to meet with you at anytime. Please be aware that teachers have planning meetings with their Teaching Assistants from 8.45 – 9.00 each day so if you would like to make an appointment it is best either to send in a note or catch the teacher at the end of the day.

You can also email us - admin@kingsacre-primary.devon.sch.uk


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