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At Kingsacre Primary School we base our curriculum on the National Curriculum - a programme of study which set standards in all subjects.  It was laid out by the government in September 2014; divided into Key Stages aligned to a child’s year group. At Kingsacre we are a single-form entry school so each class contains just one year group. These are set out as follows:

National Curriculum Stage Year Group Class at Kingsacre
Early Years Foundation Stage Preschool to Primary School Reception children


Reception Class

Key Stage 1 Years 1 and 2 Primary School Class 1

Class 2

Key Stage 2

Years 3 and 4 Primary – ‘Lower Key Stage 2’

Years 5 and 6 Primary – ‘Upper Key Stage 2’

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

Key Stage 3 Years 7, 8 and 9 Secondary School
Key Stage 4 Years 10 and 11 Secondary School





















Early Years Foundation Stage at Kingsacre

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is used in Pre-School and our Reception Class.  We enhance the learning experience for children by using a holistic cross-curricular and play-based approach, engaging children by using provocations and their own interests. At Kingsacre foundation unit we provide a safe and stimulating environment using the principles of Hygge to inspire and challenge children. Hygge is a Danish word describing a space that promotes emotional well-being, togetherness and friendship. A place children can feel comfortable to snuggle down with a book or explore with confidence. A place that allows a sense of security.

The EYFS is broken down into 7 key areas, these are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The characteristics of Effective learning underpin all areas of the curriculum. These are:

  • Playing and exploring - children investigate and experience things and have a go
  • Active learning - children concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties and enjoy achievement 
  • Creating and thinking critically - children have and develop their own ideas, make links and develop strategies for doing things. 

In addition to the above areas, the children are encouraged to develop the Kingsacre characteristics of an effective learner, these being:

  • Dolphin - diving  into our learning, giving everything a go
  • Tortoise - being a resilient learner, not giving up
  • Cat - being curious, questioning and challenging what we are taught
  • Bee - learning together, from each other and with each other
  • Owl - understanding the learning journey, reflecting back and looking forwards
  • Spider - making links and connections between different areas of learning and different subjects
  • Elephant - ensuring we not only know more but also remember more of what we have been taught

Key Stages 1 and 2 at Kingsacre Primary School

All children are taught the National Curriculum subjects in an age-appropriate way, which is relevant to the children and often within a thematic approach. We try, whenever we can, to include visits and visitors to inspire and enthuse the children and to ensure that appropriate links are made across the different subject areas. We are mindful of the children's progress in knowledge during the academic year and across year groups - aiming for new learning to build upon and develop previous learning experiences.

Our ambition for learning through our Kingsacre Curriculum is as follows:

Intellectual development: Through rich and varied learning experiences the children at Kingsacre will be inspired to develop an enjoyment and love of learning. They will be encouraged to think about and question relevant issues which people have faced, over time, across the globe. They will face challenge and be stretched to achieve their very best, laying a foundation for future intellectual development and lifelong learning.

Scientific and Technological: The children are provided with opportunities to understand and explore a range of scientific and technological concepts and areas of enquiry. They are encouraged to be curious and ask interesting questions about the ever changing world around them. Through a diverse range of topics the children will develop key skills in order to investigate questions for enquiry, make predictions, adapt their methods and critically analyse their results. 

Creative: Through a varied curriculum, indoors and out, the children are provided with opportunities to explore and develop a range of creative skills through art, drama, music and dance. When given time to investigate the work of a range of artists and performers they are inspired to experiment, create and invent. At each stage the children are supported and encouraged to challenge themselves and share their achievements.

 Social: Throughout their time at Kingsacre, each child is provided with opportunities to develop as an individual and as part of a community. They will gain an understanding of key British values such as democracy, equality, freedom, the rule of law, justice, rights and responsibilities. They will develop key skills including independence, team work and citizenship as well as learning how to build positive relationships with others and deal with a range of social situations. 

Emotional and Spiritual: Emotional and spiritual development are at the heart of our curriculum, with a high value placed on the children’s understanding of their mental health. The children are provided with opportunities to be reflective, develop their spirituality and discuss factors that impact both positively and negatively on well-being. An understanding and tolerance of other people’s viewpoints and beliefs is fostered. High quality PSHE, RE and collective worship ensure every child has the opportunity to build self-esteem and confidence, to flourish and to understand or challenge the beliefs of others.

Physical: The children are provided with opportunities to develop control over their bodies particularly muscles and physical coordination. As the children learn what their bodies can do, they gain self confidence, promoting social and emotional development. Physical activity is geared towards aiding in physical development which contributes significantly to a child's physical and mental health and well-being.  The children will feel encouraged to lead a healthy, positive and active lifestyle.  They will have the opportunities to perform, compete and excel.

Global: The children are provided with opportunities to explore their place in their school community before going on to understand and compare their place within the local, national and international community.  The children will be empowered to make decisions that will have an impact on their environment, encouraging them to take responsibility for their future as global citizens.

Aspirational:  Over the course of their time at Kingsacre the children will be encouraged to explore and develop their aspirations.  They will work with role models within school, the community and the wider world in order to reflect on the past and to consider what is possible for their futures.

A parents' guide to the National Curriculum can be found here:

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