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Braunton Learning Co-operative Consultation

Braunton Learning Co-Operative Trust was launched on 1st September 2019

The consultation period for the proposed Cooperative Trust ended and on Thursday 4th July 2019 governors from all six schools met to consider the views and comments received during the statutory consultation process about the proposal to set up the Braunton Learning  Co-operative.  Following individual board meetings held by each school each Governing Board voted to implement the proposal from 1st September.

This means that Caen Community Primary School, Kingsacre Primary School, Marwood School and Southmead Primary School have changed their legal school category from community to foundation and, at the same time, acquire charitable status as a shared cooperative Trust.  Braunton Academy and Georgeham C of E (VC) Primary School voted to become partner schools within the Trust.  

Our shared website can be found here:

brauntonlearning cooperativetrust.org

We are delighted that all six schools voted to set up the Trust and are already enjoying working more closely with the schools in our wider community.  Kingsacre is represented on the Trust Board by Mrs Cole and Briony Tuohey (as Chair of Governors).  We, together with all the governors and the staff, are excited about the opportunities this will bring for joint activities for pupils and enhanced support structures for staff, subject coordinators and heads.

Our current agreed priorities for the Braunton Learning Co-operative Trust (BLCT) are:

  • Establish the structure for the BLCT
  • Strengthen children's personal development, mental health and welfare
  • Ensure a knowledge-rich curriculum for all learners with an initial focus on art and music
  • Establish robust moderation activities across EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3

A copy of the Determination Document with full results from the consultation process is available for you to read below, together with a copy of the letter that was sent to all parents and stakeholders confirming the Trust launch.

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