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Braunton Learning Co-operative Consultation

The Governing Boards of Kingsacre Primary School, Caen Community Primary School, , Marwood School, Southmead Primary School, Georgeham C of E Primary School and Braunton Academy have been considering how best to plan for the long term future success of the schools. The six schools are currently part of an informal grouping called the Braunton Learning Community but wish to strengthen and deepen their relationship by creating a formal collaboration in the form of a Co-operative Trust. In order to do this, the four consulting schools will change their legal school category from community to foundation, but as Braunton Academy and Georgeham already have foundations, they would become partner schools, if this proposal is implemented in September 2019.  They would nevertheless be full contributors to, and beneficiaries of, the work of the Trust.

Please return any response by using the electronic smartsurvey, or by email, by hand or by post no later than noon on Thursday 27 June 2019. The link for the survey is: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/BLCConsultation/  Thank you.

We want to ensure that we continue improving the education we offer our children and young people and want to become part of a regional and national network of co-operative schools and partners that can help us to deliver that ambition.

The process of change will not result in noticeable day to day differences for our schools, but we believe that setting up this partnership will allow us to continue to work together as a group of like-minded schools and learn from the shared expertise and experience we can offer each other.

To take this plan forward, the four consulting schools are proposing to change the school category from community to foundation and at the same time to establish a co-operative education trust, to be called Braunton Learning Co-operative

The proposed date of implementation (i.e. the date on which any legal change of category would take place and the Trust would be created) is 1 September 2019.

Further information is provided within the proposal documents below. We would be pleased to hear what your thoughts are, and invite you to comment on these proposals at any time until the end of the consultation period, which runs from Monday 13 May 2019 until noon on Thursday 27 June 2019.

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