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Vision Statement for PE


We recognise that Physical Education is an important part of the development of all children.  By providing high quality PE opportunities, both within the curriculum and in after-school clubs, all children should:

  • Develop excellent fundamental movement skills
  • Grow in self-esteem and confidence
  • Value the importance of co-operation, teamwork and leadership
  • Deal effectively with competition
  • Deveop excellent soical skills
  • Encounter challenge and fun
  • Appreciate the environment and the opportunities it provides for a wide range of activities
  • Learn to appreciate the benefits of an active lifestyle in terms of the links between a healthy body and a healthy mind
  • Be equiped to make appropriate choices to lead an active and healthy lifestyle

To deliver this the school will:

  • Provide high quality continuous professinal development for all adults in the delivery of PE
  • Promote active playtimes
  • Embed short bursts of daily physical activity
  • Promote children as young leaders
  • Provide a good learning environment for physical activitiy, both indoors and outdoors
  • Ensure that there is adequate equipment to deliver PE effectively
  • Work well as a school team and as part of the Braunton Learning Community to develop and improve PE and school sports provision
  • Provide inter-school competitive and collaborative opportunities
  • Ensure that Sports Premium funding is used in a sustainable way to support and develop the delivery of high quality PE
  • Continue to celebrate the participation and achievements of physical activity carried out within our school and beyond the school day.
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