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Science Day - 16th March 2017

Class 6 make necklaces with a capsule containing their own DNA!

Science Day begins!

The first scientific experiment.  Year 5 keep a tally of what coloured sweet each pupil chose, as they came to school this morning. 

Class 5 made Q R codes of famous scientists and placed them around the school site, for our pupils to discover!

Each class has designed their own butterfly board, using a different colour and brought butterflies into school they had made at home out of card to look at camouglage on different backgrounds.

Class 6 spent the morning discovering the hierarchy of life and learning why living organisms have different characteristics.  They explored why having certain characteristics allow organisms to adapt to the particular enviroments in which they live and why adaptation is important for survival.

Class 6 also carried out experiments to capture their unique essence and created their own DNA necklace.

They discussed why clean water and sanitation matters and carried out experiements to understand just how quickly diseases can spread and why good hygeine is important. 



Class 3 and Class 5

Drumbots - Exploring the planets and moons in our Solar System is tough.  Some are ice worlds, some are desert worlds and some are made mainly from gas.  Some are minus 200 degrees and some are over 400 degress.  At the moment, sending astronauts to explore these other planets is very, very hard so we send robot explorers instead.  In order to be successful these robots need to be adapted to the environment they are going to explore.  Class 3 and Class 5 took part in individual workshops where they worked as a design team to build and test they very own Drumbot and assess which kind of planet or moon it might be best suited to explore.  At the end they reported their findings to the Mission Controller (Mr La Tragna Year 3 teacher and Mrs Mulford Year 5 teacher) and took part in a Grand Final race off to find the fastest Drumbot.

Class 1 and Class 2

Class 1 and Class 2 looked at how living organisms adapt to survive!  The pupils carried out experiments using choice chambers so that they could work out which conditions living organisms prefer to live and why.  Do some living organisms prefer living in damp, dark conditions?

Class 2 also enjoyed a Bug Hunt around our beautiful school grounds.







Class 4

Digestion - Gutsy Moves!  Class 4 took part in a workship exploring how our bodies are adapted to digest the food that we eat.  They used a number of different models to develop an awareness of the structure of the digestive system whilst discussing the importance of food hygiene.

Our Science Day finished with 'The Wonderstruck Fantabulous Rocket Show'

The Wonderstruck Fantabulous Rocket Show saw the children look at the development of rocket technology from the invention of gunpowder to the newest rockets that may take people to Mars in the next few decades.  They found out about the machines that fly astronauts like Tim Peake to the International Space Station and our robot explorers to the furthest reaches of the Solar System.

We would like to thank Cerian Ayres for organising the day and leading sessions and also Peter Wright and Phil Williams for being such inspiring presenters.

Class 2 go on a bug hunt!
Class 4 getting messy with 'Gloop' or Non-Newtonium liquid which is 2 parts cornflour to 1 part water and food colouring.
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